Mango Juice Music's: Top 15 Tracks Of 2019

Finn Foxell - Cool. Bless. Safe.

Finn Foxell came into 2019 hot with this track, once again showcasing the raw talent that him and his crew ‘Elevation Meditation’ have to offer the world. Finn uses a monotone and effortless flow complementing this beat perfectly, it is evident that he has honed his own sound within the music he has been creating throughout his career. Later in the year he went on to release the E.P ‘Good Tea’ which included 'Cool. Bless. Safe'. As well as tracks featuring up and coming artists such as ‘Lava La Rue’ and ‘Nayana Iz’. 

Finn is definitely one to watch for this coming year after joining P-rallel in supporting Slowthai at one of his shows as well as supporting Lava La Rue on her tour dates. On top of this he has his own headline show on Thursday 12th of March 2020 @Peckham Audio.

Tickets available: 

Renelle 893 - Jollof Rice


Renelle 893 gives us a taste of his boundless potential with track 'Jollof Rice', gaining some great traction with his witty wordplay and often outrageous lyrics. He has had a particularly successful year getting himself very well known in the Brighton scene for turning up venues night after night with the enticing amount of charisma and energy he brings to a live audience. Forming a zestful synergy with producer ‘Changing Currents’ for this track, I am sure there is more exciting music they will be releasing together soon so watch out for that one. 

Renelle will also be releasing his debut EP ‘Everything Is Temporary’ in 2020 with up and coming artist and producer ‘Beau Peep’. 

Deema & Kish - Maddie

South London's Deema and Kish team up to let us know about so called 'Maddie' in their story about past relationships with girls. 

A 90's inspired track accompanied by some soulful keys, Deema gets you head bopping to his frosty delivery as Kish once again slays the track, bouncing from bar to bar pulling you in with penetrating flows.

After recieving radio plays from Jamz Supernova on BBC Radio 1Xtra, I have a strong feeling we can expect big things from both emcee's in 2020.

Music Video is also available for this track, check it out on Deema's youtube channel

Namani - Sherlock Holmes

Namani who promises you all that he will become "Your mums favourite rapper" has come fresh off the scene and straight into the trenches getting busy in 2019, releasing 'DripList', 'Two Faces' and 'Dapper'. 

This one will have you feeling devilish as it uses some mischievous wind instruments, conducted along side some cruddy drums. Namani portrays a detective as he illustrates his infamous game with the ladies while he "flows on the beat so natural". 

There is also a music video available on YouTube which is hugely inspiring, with its comical edge, it is a masterpiece and one to be admired in the way it has been composed and edited... Big up 'Lauzza' on that one.

ROCXNOIR - Mostapha's Balcony

The multi-talented RocXnoir balances dropping dimes on the basketball court with expressing himself creatively in the studio. 'Mostapha's Balcony' mentions the importance of religion which may have been an influence in the making of the album Pink Flowers. This is a beautifully produced track that will have you melting into your chair as you listen to the steezy confidence within Roc's lyrics. After his debut album 'Pink Flowers' hit home he decided to smash out another studio album later on in the year entitled 'The Tourist'. Both albums are well worth a listen, from start to finish gifting you with replay value.

Biyi - What's Love

Another athlete graces us with his talents both on the rugby pitch for the London Wasp's as well as behind the mic. Bringing a unique contrast from his rough sounding rapping flow to his radiant singing in the chorus, he can really do it all. 

Still new to the music scene he has only released 3 singles in the last two years including 'What's Love' which also features a track called 'Brainstorms'. As well as this he has released  'Good Intentions' (a personal favourite) and 'Not About You'.

Having spoken to him recently I know we can all look forward to some exciting new music from Biyi.

Osquello - No Scene (feat. Bawo)

This fast paced track has Osquello and Bawo going double speed with an impressive delivery from both. Blessing us with some beautifully layered harmonies Osquello is able to adapt from difficult to reach high notes straight back to a hip-hop flow in the most fluent of manners.

Osquello is definitely one to keep your eyes on in the future as he creates some of the most dynamic music that is available in the UK hip-hop scene. He has a particularly fruitful connection with Archi Silas creating sublime tracks such as 'Alright' and the yet to be released 'Up Down' which is quite literally a timeless classic of which I cannot wait for the world to hear. Osquello has a skill for hitting a record with those tranquil melodies that will make your girlfriends legs quiver. 

Lyza Jane - Like That (feat. Black Josh & Danny Lover)

Blah Records' very own Lyza Jane released her first full length album this year entitled 'Housebound'.

Lyza's angelic vocals bring a lucid feel stabbed throughout the track as well as a crack like addictive hook from the London artist. "No hospital but I deliver" Danny Lover flows so sweet on the track meshing with the beat like white on rice.

A Blah production bought together wouldn't be the same without Black Josh, as per usual he carries heavy lyricism letting you all know the validity of his endeavours with the upmost of sweg. 

Lord Apex - Time 

Hip-Hop's hustler of hustlers Lord Apex releases the dreamy and nostalgic track 'Time', with producer sixspeed creating a hearty and ear pleasing beat he makes it easy for Apex to dance on the track doing what he does best, effortlessly rhyming. 

Getting "lost in your love again" Apex reminisces on some times he has shared with what sounds like his day one wifey.

Lord Apex is most definitely one of the most impressive active artists around right now, with a profound back catalogue full of bangers and the perfect songs to kick back and smoke too. He has recently secured a gig supporting Hip-Hop royalties 'Yasiin Bey' or more commonly known as 'Mos Def' on his 20th anniversary tour of  'Black on Both Sides'. Apex will be joining him in Paris, France and tickets are still available. 

Joy Crookes - For a Minute (feat. KarimThatPeasant)

South London Neo-Soul artists 'Joy Crookes' offers us yet another prodigious track taking us on a journey as she uses her impeccable story telling, giving testimony to the hard times both herself and her peers have endured growing up. With such elegant and soft vocals she makes it hard for you to stop listening to her music. 'For a Minute' features KarimThaPeasant who is a good friend of Joy's, he drops into the track with a quick verse bringing the perfect contrast that leaves you hitting the replay button time after time.

Joy's career has accelerated at a blissful rate this year, releasing 'Reminiscence EP' early in the year to then go on to 'Since I Left You', 'London Mine', 'Perception EP' 'Early' and 'Yah/Element' on top of this she clinched a huge opportunity performing on 'A Colors Show' with her track 'Mother May I Sleep With Danger?'... and it doesn't end there. As of recent she made an appearance on the 'Jools Holland Show' and received a nomination for 'Brit Award for Rising Star'. Not bad all in a years work! Big things to come in the future for this young talent I am sure.

K The Infinite - Rambling 5

Hailing from North-London, K The Infinite remains one of the rarest talents in the UK music scene, his songwriting competence is second to none as he talks deeper on life, overcoming stresses and pain he has endured in the past few years. He really puts it all out there for the world to consume on his latest project 'Merkaba'. From start to finish the album takes you on a journey of his life from a teenager to an adult, touching on topics such as mental health, love life, family loss, drugs and growing up in Camden, London. You really get a feel for the infinite depth to K's music.

He recently put on his own show performing the entire album at a packed venue in Shoreditch and its safe to say he had everyone in the building in awe of his talent, entirely focussed on his flawless performance.

CLBRKS - Black Russain

Once again CLBRKS has hit back with his infectious style and flows accompanied by some scandalous lyrics. In terms of originality he is in a league of his own, sounding like no other artist out there.

'Black Russain' is one of four tracks on his recently released EP 'Igloo' which saw himself and producer 'dylantheinfamous' link up for one of the greaziest projects of the year. 

CL has been about the block for a minute now releasing projects such as 'Peugeot Music,Vol 1' and 'Habits' both in 2017 and appearing on various YouTube channels with some legendary freestyles.

Oso Wavey Jay - Soulja

At just 16 year's old Oso Wavey Jay is cementing his place as a Hip-Hop prodigy here in the UK. With a remarkably high work rate he released 6 singles this year as well as EP 'School Boy Jay'. Growing up in North London, Jay is projecting his perspective of life in the area he lives in and the people he is surrounded by "We tryna survive you could call us soldiers". In track 'Soulja' he uses his wide vocabulary to talk on; girls, drugs, survival, subjective policing and how he feels about his current situation. 

Oso Wavey Jay is an exciting prospect to say the least.

Obijuan - Soul Blue

After moving from the Bahamas to the US and then England,UK, Obijuan is well travelled and has experienced several walks of life. Blessing us with his raw vibes he has become part of the furniture in the UK music scene. 

Releasing the mellow hooking track 'Soul Blue' from 'Konoha' his latest collaborative project with producer 'Philanthrope'. He shows a more meaningful side to himself taking you into a deeper soulful state of mind as you listen to his anecdotes. 

Be sure to check out the whole album consisting of classics such as 'Neighbouring Villages' 'Blood Mist' and 'Uzumaki'. 

Kieron Boothe  - Invisible Men (feat. Ink The Urban Myth)

The smoothest rapper around Kieron Boothe knocks on the door with yet another clapper, with his irresistible flows and playful wordplay he tee's up 'Ink The Urban Myth' who jumps on the track with a breathless verse captivating you in a musical trance. Complimenting each other perfectly these two should continue to work together in the future.

"Still the one that they don't see, it's all a dream unitl you see" Kieron waits for his moment to blow,

this track being off Kieron's latest project 'Mr Invisible' see's his second EP alongside countless singles. As well as staying active performing at live shows on a regular basis and appearing on several YouTube channels, the future is bright for Mr Boothe.